Monday, June 2, 2014

Memorial Day 2014 || Elliot's First Camping Trip!!

We had been looking forward to Memorial Day, which marked my 30th Birthday and Elliot's first camping trip, since last Labor Day. Unfortunately, we were all sick so we didn't head up until Saturday morning. We just got up and left assuming we were all better. Saturday was okay and we even had my birthday dinner with family and Kari, John, Sawyer and Trina all showed up and surprised me! But the rest of the weekend was kind of rough. We still had time to play with friends and family and swing and slide for the very first time!

Check out all of the photos from the weekend here.

I love how they are holding hands.

Grilling fajitas

Elliot loved the glow sticks!

So did Sawyer :)

At first all she would do was look at the ground...

Easton showing her how it is done.

Then she got the hang of it!


  1. boo for being sick! but those are seriously some precious photos...especially the ones of Elliot in the swing! so sweet!

  2. So much fun! I love all of these she throwing a peace sign in that one with you by the lake? Such a cool little lady! Happy Birthday friend!

    1. It kind of looks like that doesn't it?! She is actually practicing her new trick, waving!


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