Monday, May 12, 2014

Six month photos!

We had a six month session coming up and Kristin was going to be in town for Easter so we decided to upgrade Elliot's mini session to a full and have the kids come along and get some photos taken too. Unfortunately they didn't go quite as planned. Usually Elliot can take a mean power nap, so when she fell asleep as we pulled into the parking lot I let her snooze for about 15 minutes until Megan (our photographer) got there. I knew I second I tried to wake her up to change her and she fell right back asleep things were not going to go smoothly. Poor thing really wouldn't let me put her down, she was still so sleepy. Then by the time I realized she was passed sleepy and now hungry there wasn't enough time to feed her and still take any photos. With all of the said Megan still got some adorable photos. A few of my favs are below, but you can see them all here.


  1. Love all of them! We had a few photo instances too with Sawyer, always makes for good memories (smash cakes was the worst!)


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