Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Week 21 | Elliot Ann

Elliot's first 5K! She was asleep before it even started. 

Worn out!

Then we went to Dustin Combs' baseball game. 

And Parkview Trivia Night! 

Wishing for warmer weather in our sailboat pants. 

Poor little girl had a cough all weekend but took a turn for the worse on Sunday night. Anytime she'd cough she'd cry, I knew then I'd probably be taking her to the doc on Monday. Well starting around 3am if she was awake she was crying. We pretty much held her and rocked until we left for the doctor at 7:30am. After visiting with the doc she determined Elliot has bronchiolotis and a small ear infection. Breathing treatments and amoxicillin were prescribed. Poor thing! The breathing treatments are helping a ton and she's barely coughing now. A little wheezing still but nothing like it was. We'll continue antibiotics for another week. Doesn't she look so sad doing her breathing treatment? Now that she's realized it's a reoccurring thing she's screams the whole time. No fun for anyone but glad they make her feel better!

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  1. Glad little lady is feeling better! I just love the picture of her and sawyer in their strollers looking all serious!! I might have to frame that one.


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