Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Week 20 | Elliot Ann

Hello baseball season! We kind of got to ease into it a little bc Tim has one week of practice and then it was spring break. Now he's back and at it for the season. That means lots of Elliot and mommy time! Hopefully the weather will stay nice and we can go for evening walks and start to play outside a bit. She loves being outdoors! Just like her daddy :) 

We had our first Parents As Teachers meeting on Monday and it went great. Elliot is right where she needs to be on everything except the tummy-time things. Not that she's "behind" but those were the only items she hadn't "done" or that I could answer "yes" to. So working on tummy time and stating to sit up on her own are our next big milestones! She did start rolling from her back to front but still can't roll from her front to back very we'll so that will cause some self-inflicted tummy time :)

Showering Nicole and Baby Beckett. 

Um, she started on the mat 

Elliot's first time at daddy's game! She loved watching actually so content!

Coach Thompson's little guy Graham. 

I'm supposed to be napping?

My feet are fun!

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