Thursday, February 13, 2014

Week 15 | Elliot

What's big week it's been! I feel like she's changed so much in one week. She's wanting to sit up so much more and needs no assistance in the head control department! Her hands had been working independently but they've found each other and couldn't be happier about it. I have to pry them apart to change her.

Paying with Grandma and Papa. 

Nighttime book reading. 

So happy in the mornings!

Sitting up so big!

Lunch date with Kari and Sawyer. 

First pair of Nikes. Thanks Mammy!

Girl talk with cousin Rylan. 

Sitting in the bumbo for the first time!

First trip to Target!

I want my hand so I guess you're coming with me bear. 

Who needs a stinking swaddle? 

First pair of real jeans!

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