Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Three Months

What Elliot is up to at three months...
Holding her head up √
Laying on her back and letting us grab her hands and pull her up into a seated position √
Chewing on her hands √
Holding her blankies and chewing on them √
(Still) enjoying laying on the ground on her activity mat √
Squealing and "talking" out loud √
Almost laughing out loud (I swear I heard it this morning!) √
Not minding her car seat (Thankfully!! No more screaming anytime we go somewhere) √
Enjoying tummy time
 >> We found a new way to enjoy tummy time with her on her belly on my thighs. She lasts so much longer then when she is on the ground. I think it is b/c she can see the TV :) It definitely catches her attention already.

Sleeping: Her last feeding of the night is between 8–9 p.m. and she sleeps until 3–5:15 a.m. If she eats at 3 a.m. I will wake her up again at 6:30 a.m. to eat again before she goes to daycare. If she eats at 5 a.m. then she gets to sleep until about ten til 7 a.m. and not eat again until she gets to Wendy's (her daycare lady).

Eating: She's eating every 3ish hours. Sometimes later, sometimes a bit sooner. Still nursing whenever we are together and taking bottles of breast milk at the sitters. When she takes a bottle she eats 3-4 ounces. (When she started daycare two weeks ago she was only eating 2 ounces at a time!)

Clothing: 0–3 (or just 3) month clothing. Just now outgrowing her 3 month PJs. Some still fit but she is wearing a few 3–6 month jammies too.

Diapers: Size 1 but teetering on size 2. We've got so many boxes of one's we are trying to stay in there as long as we can!

What do you do when you can't get a girl to smile? Call in daddy! That always does the trick :)

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