Friday, January 31, 2014

Week 13 | Elliot

Not sure I'll keep these up every week but I have a bunch of cute pics to share so I might as well!! Plus we survived our first week of daycare and turned three months old!

New way to enjoy tummy time!

Loving the airplane hold. She was so content. Daddy's arms were burning by the end!

I'm three months old!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week 12 | Elliot

Today marks 12 weeks. That also means I have the bittersweet day of returning to work ahead of me. Luckily we've done a few test runs at the sitter's house so I'm hoping it won't be too emotional. If I just think about it I could cry so I'm going to focus on not crying and maybe I won't! I know Elliot is in good hands and I'm so thankful I have a job I love to return to. I knew this day was coming and I just feel so blessed to have had as much time home with Elliot as I did.

Which shoes? Sometimes we just have to try on to decide. 

Tim and I went to 417 Magazine Whiskey Fest, as guests! No job for me since I was still on maternity leave!

We may have snuggled a little on our last day home!

Elliot has thankfully gotten the hang if eating from a bottle. This was the biggest issue stressing me out about leaving her at daycare. So so glad that isn't an issue and I know she'll be able to eat with no stress. 

First day of "school" pics!!

I this God rewarded me with this amazing sunrise!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sweet Snuggles

I'm kind of bummed we didn't do any naked baby photos during Elliot's newborn photo shoot so we did a little shoot this week. I know she's not a small as she was, but she's smaller than she will ever be again! Plus who wouldn't want to snuggle this sweet thing.

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