Thursday, October 10, 2013

Three random acts of kindness in honor of miss Stella's third birthday

As many of you remember my boss Logan had a beautiful little miracle three years ago. October 3 would have marked Stella's third birthday. Logan's friend Katie had this amazing idea, and emailed all of Logan's friends and family, for everyone to fulfill three Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs) in honor of Stella's birthday. We all did this in secret and Katie put everyone's RAKs together in a scrapbook and presented it to Logan on Saturday after Game Day. To say that Logan was blown away was an understatment.

Here is what she said on FB: A lot of good karma was put into the world last week. That's because my dear, sweet friend Katie Sapienza Hoesch spearheaded an effort to get my friends and family far and wide to complete three Random Acts of Kindness in honor of Stella's third birthday. I had no idea this was happening until my girlfriends presented me with a scrapbook on Saturday that detailed what each person chose as their three RAKs. From New York, Chicago and Phoenix to Florida and all parts of 417-land, amazing things were happening in honor of Stella and I cried as I read each one. You all have no idea what this meant to me and I declare it an annual tradition for the Aguirre family. Much love and many thanks to all of you. Facebook won't let me tag everyone but you all know who you are.

Here is what I did for my RAKs in honor of Stella:
This was my favorite! I took three Andy's gift cards up to the NICU at Cox Hospital where Stella spent the first five months of her life. I gave these to the nurse and ask her to pick three deserving mamas to receive a sweet treat.

I left enough quarters at a local car wash for the next person's vacuum and car wash to be taken care of.

I left enough money in our snack area at work (all snacks are .50 cents) for the next 16 snacks to be free just in time for late proof night.

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