Friday, October 25, 2013

The date has been set!

Well today is Miss Elliot's official due date. Friday, October 25. I'm so excited that I made it the full 40!! And honestly I'm not miserable. I've had it pretty easy these last few months which has made this experience so enjoyable. I have really loved being pregnant. I'm not dying to get her out yet, but I am dying to meet her! And we will, by Wednesday at the latest! I guess Thursday early early morning if she decides to take her time with the induction process. So if she hasn't come on her own by Wednesday we will go in for an induction at 7 a.m. This can be a very long and painful process but it will all be worth it! So prayers for a quick delivery :)

At the doctor yesterday we had an ultrasound to check her weight and position and all looked great! She is head down still (yay!). She is measuring about 7 lbs 9 oz right now. They said that could vary one pound in either direction but usually they are within 1/2 a pound of that guesstimate. But she will have 6 more days to grow and they gain about half a pound a week, so she could be up into the lower 8's maybe. Not big enough that the doctor was concerned about me having any issue delivering vaginally.

We got some pics too! It was much easier to see all of her features on the screen but I wanted to share the pics anyway. She is going to be a chubby baby! The ultrasound tech said (and showed us) she has a fat roll on her forehead! Her little arms and legs a chunky too and she's got chubby cheeks for sure. Her top lip still seems bigger than her bottom lip, just like in the 20 week ultrasound we had.

Facing the camera

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  1. I love this little girl so much already!! Lots prayers for a healthy and uneventful delivery :) love you friend!


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