Tuesday, September 24, 2013

(One of) Elliot's Future Besties

Anna (I work with her husband Dylan) is due exactly one week after me. Their kids go to the same daycare that Elliot will go to go to so her and Sydney will have no choice but to be buds! This weekend Logan hosted a baby shower for her. I helped with all of the collateral including the invites, wish cards and labels for the party favor candles. I also snapped photos during the shower too. Wanted to post a few of the photos! Also, after the shower Elliot had hiccups so I recorded a video. I guess she wanted to put on a show b/c she started moving like crazy. Toward the end of the video you can see the hiccups :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Over the past month we celebrated Aidan and my mom's birthdays. For Aidan's we did dinner on his actual birthday and a few weeks later he had an Airsoft Party. Kind of like paint ball but the little bullets had no paint. Tim got in on the action and had a blast! For my mom we did dinner at Nakato, surprise surprise, them had Andy's for dessert.  

Moving in my belly

Elliot kicks and moves ALL OF THE TIME. This honestly has been my favorite part about pregnancy. It is so comforting, and it is so strange how not strange it is. Before I was pregnant I couldn't imagine what it would feel like and how odd it must be to have a little person inside of me. I was a little worried it might creep me out, but it doesn't. It is such an amazing feeling and I can tell we already have such a strong connection. She responds when I push on her and talk to her, you will see in the video! So I finally was able to capture some of her crazy movements, watch and see. It's wild!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Cute KC Finds

This past weekend was the last weekend I could travel so my mom and I decided to make a quick trip up to KC for a little getaway. We scored tons deals while shopping and of course some of them were for Elliot :) Her's are super cute so I thought I'd share!

Christmas dress!!

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