Sunday, August 4, 2013

St. Louis Getaway

The Blake Shelton concert is what spurred our trip to STL, but we figured once we were there we might as well explore a bit. The concert was on Friday so we went up on Thursday to catch a Cardinals game. We were staying with our friends Eric and Steffanie but Kari, John and Trina also came up to go to the game. It just happened to be Trina's birthday so we made it into a little celebration for her! The night was perfect for a game. And it was Christmas in July at the ballpark so they played Christmas tunes and played Christmas games. Trina was in heacen. After the game we went to Paddy-O's, which was huge and really fun.

Saturday we met Kari, Trina and John at the City Museum. It was crazy with metal mazes and slides but really fun! And only $12, definitely worth it.

That night was the concert and it was so entertaining. We'd seen Blake Shelton before, like five years go, so we had high expectations. He didn't dissappoint. He's so funny and we loved that he talked in between his songs. He played everything from his new single to his first number one hit. It was funny, a lot of people didn't know his old stuff! But man we did :)

We of course took too many pictures of our weekend, enjoy!

26 weeks, 6 days

Then some dancing happened :)

This is what happens when you go to get bagels and lock yourself out of the house you are staying in...and the owners aren't up yet.


10-story slide we just went down

Tim and Kari in the tunnels

Everyone in the "caves" 
The exterior of the City Museum. All of the those metal tubes and tunnels you can play and climb in. 

Another BIG thing we did was decide on a name for the baby...
Elliot Ann Johnson
...then we saw this sign at lunch :)
27 weeks

Eric decided to bring a whole blender full of margaritas for the drive

Easton Corbin

Eric and Stef

During on of his old songs he decided "it just didn't feel right" without a cowboy hat. Back then you had to have a cowboy hat to be country. He put it on and it was complete with a mullet, hilarious!

He had everyone in the audience take out their cell phones and light up the venue. It was really cool! He said he felt like Taylor Swift.

I got some videos at the concert too..

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  1. Super fun weekend!!! Thanks again for everything!!!


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