Friday, August 30, 2013

Oh The Places She'll Go {Baby Shower}

How blessed are we? We'd already had two amazing shower and the third was no different! My besties, Kari Hamra, Josey McPhail, Katrina Appelquist, Ashley Gregory (I almost put Vallely :)) and Amanda Brooker, threw me the sweetest baby shower. The theme coordinated with Elliot's room by playing off the map theme, so the shower was "Oh The Places She'll Go!" They incorporate so many cute decorations into the party, some of which are going to end up in her room as well! The girls had craft nights leading up to the shower and put so much time and thought into every detail. I was blown away! Seriously no detail was over looked, you will see by the pictures :)

I can't thank you girls enough for showing me and Ellie the love! And thank you to everyone who attended and showered us :)  I can't think of a single thing we still need, and that is an amazing feeling!

Katie and Kelley writing a funny saying on a diaper to give Tim and I a chuckle for our late night changings

Oh the clothespin game. Once the game began you couldn't say the word CUTE or your pin got taken away. I didn't last long...

Kari, Josey and Trina

They had all of the guests sign Dr. Seuss's "Oh the places she'll go!" book. They left words of wisdom for miss Elliot to enjoy.

They had food from places she might go and put the country's flag on the good.

Trina lost her last clothespin!

Reading the funny diapers

Dessert table


Junior League girlfriends, Lexi, Monique and Caitlin

Me and my mama

Me and Katie, who I've known since I was two

Me with my hostesses. I LOVE this pic!!

Me with my MIL (mother-in-law)

Homemade fortune cookies for the guests

The adorable invites that Kari designed

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  1. So blessed to be a part of your day celebrating Miss Elliot. Love you!


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