Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Family Baby Shower

On Saturday Tim's sister and mom hosted an awesome family baby shower for us and miss Elliot at the Fat Quarter Tea Room. We had members from each of our family there to help us celebrate. We got so much good stuff! Thank you to everyone who came and supported our family!

Our hosts!

My aunt Cleeva and cousins Kesha and Angela, and he daughter Angelina

Nanny and her cousins

Tim's Aunt Kay on the right and her cousin Denise and daughter Izzy

Kristin and Nanny (Tim's gma)

Tim's aunt Sharon and cousin Michelle

My Grandmas and cousin Laura

Me and my mama

Me, my mom and my dad's mom

My cousin Laura and her mom (my aunt) Sheryl

Pics us Tim and I as littles :)

Kristin and Easton
Rylan (my niece) and Ashley (sis-in-law)
Rylan was my little helper in opening all of the gifts

She was SO excited about the balls. She was determined to get them out of the basket...

Tim's family

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  1. Looks like fun, glad you got so many great things!!!


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