Friday, July 19, 2013

Fourth of July 2013

We had a relaxing Fourth of July holiday at home. The first half of the day consisted of putting together our crib!! Now the room is really starting to come together. After lunch our families came over for a little pool time and dinner. We didn't have a ton of fireworks to shoot off, but Tim and his rents shot a few off. We managed to relax on the deck, eat s'mores and homemade ice cream and watch all of our neighbors light up the sky.

Wyatt's such a good helper

Enjoying the mister that Ron gave us!

One of the first fireworks they shot off ended up in the pool. Whoopsies!

And then another ended up on the house so my dad was putting it out with the hose.

It was even chilly enough for a fire in the firepit!


Homemade ice cream!

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