Monday, July 22, 2013

Buffalo River Vacation

Instead of one big trip this summer we decided to take a few long weekend getaways around of the state of Missouri and southern Arkansas. Our Kenny Chesney concert was trip number one, floating and camping on the Buffalo River was trip number two and this weekend we are headed to STL for a Cardinals game and Blake Shelton concert with getaway number three.

Tim and I had never floated the Buffalo River and had heard it was beautiful so we were excited to give it a try. We headed down the Sunday after the fourth of July, rolling into the campsite around 4 p.m. That night we just toured the campground and walked down to the river for a quick swim before starting dinner.

Monday was the day of the float! The upper portion (which we'd heard was the prettiest) we were unable to float b/c there wasn't enough water so we floated the middle portion, which still had some large bluffs to see. We used Wild Bill's Outfitters and they drove us upstream so we could float right back down to our cars. The best way to float in my opinion. We were on the water about five hours or so.

Tuesday we were hoping to head over to the Ponca area for a few hikes but it ended up being almost two hours away, plus it was really hot, so we opted for some sites closer to our camp. We went to Blanchard Springs and Caverns where we took the two hour cave tour and then went down to the spring afterwards. It worked out great b/c in the heat of the day we were in the cool cave! On the way back we went to an old mining town called Rush, which is considered a ghost town now. Some of the old building are still intact and it was really neat to read all about the history of the town.

I think we saw all there was to see in our short few day trip, but we had a great, adventurous getaway!

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