Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pink or Blue?

So today was the day–would we be having a little girl or a little boy? About an hour before our appointment I downed some orange juice to make sure the baby was awake and ready for some pictures! Boy was SHE ever!! This little lady is a wild child and the ultrasound tech said she felt sorry for me come my eight month mark. Ha! So it's official, we are going to have a daughter! It stumped a lot of people (and surprised me), but some got it right.

Boy team:

Girl team:
Tim (He had been confident it was a boy the whole time until about 5 minutes before the ultrasound and then he changed his pick to a girl. Good move!)
Nancy (my mom)

We are also overjoyed b/c the baby is healthy and right on track as far as size goes. Now just grow baby grow, just maybe not to 10 pounds :) Here are a few photos from our reveals throughout the day.

Knocking back the OJ. The ultrasound tech said next time I have an ultrasound NOT to drink OJ! It made it kind of hard to get any pictures or measurements b/c she was moving around so much.

Kari, Trina and John surprised us at our appointment with these adorable cookies. I had to bite into whichever side had the color that corresponded with what the baby was. Kari guessed girl and Trina guessed boy.

It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!

We had an extra cookie to we used it to tell our family at lunch too! My dad came prepared with a pink AND a blue cupcake.

At work they had these adorable cupcakes. Boy or girl? When I got there everyone was hiding waiting for me to walk in. They knew I would either have on a pink or blue shirt Gary hid me and I came around the corner. The screams erupted! Everyone was so excited!


They decorated my office with balloons too!

Then Dylan (and his wife Anna) gave me these ADORABLE girlie socks! They just found out they are due with a little girl too, exactly one week after us. Anna had a dream they were besties, so cute! Love thinking of our daughter having girlfriends of her own.

Hey there little lady!!


  1. A baby girl! Congratulations! This must be so exciting for you! I love the video of the reveal, so sweet that everyone was so excited! :)

  2. So fun!! Congratulations again, what a wonderful and exciting day that you will never forget.

  3. aww...she is definitely a little girl! and I love the video from your work! so cute!


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