Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'm finally excited to know

Tomorrow is the day we find out the sex of the baby. Honestly (to my surprise) I haven't been dying to know what we are having. To this point in the pregnancy I have been focused on staying pregnant with hopes of being a mom to this child. This is the next step in our journey and I know I will feel much more connected to THIS specific baby. Not just "the baby." It will be our son or our daughter. It will hopefully have a name soon :) Tim thinks we need to see him or her first, but I love the idea of his or her identity being defined and be able to call the baby by name and start that bonding process. I guess it might depend if we can agree! So up until now I have been apprehensive to take this next step, but now with it a day away I can't help but be excited. I'm anxious to know what our family will be. So tomorrow is the day. Stay tuned!!!

Here is a pic from this weekend. 20 weeks, half way there!!


  1. You are too cute!! I am so excited for you and Tim! Looking forward to hearing the news tomorrow. :)

  2. Cute! Yay, I'm so excited for you and Tim!

  3. I CANNOT wait to look absolutely adorable!

  4. I love that you are excited because I can hardly contain my excitement! Can't wait for that phone call :)
    Love you friend, you look amazing!

  5. Awww just came across your blog from Lauren's...what a cute bump!!


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