Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Minor Breakdown

You know in my previous post how I mentioned I would probably take a dip into the negativity pool? Well last Thursday I took a dive in the deep end. Pregnancy symptoms like sore boobs and sickness have really been a comfort for me. It's a bad habit, but each morning I would wake up, check to make sure my boobs were still sore and be comforted I was still pregnant. Well on Thursday no more sore boobs. I kind of panicked. I was 11 weeks 6 days and I know around 11 weeks symptoms can change but it's still scary when the thing that is comforting is gone. I tried to go about my day but I was really nervous and visibly upset. I even tried to evoke other symptoms by not eating a snack to get sick, and nothing.

Finally Tim encourage me to call my doctor. They called me back and told me it was normal, even for all symptoms to stop at once. They told me if I wanted to come in to hear the heartbeat, if that would make me feel better, then to come on in. So when Tim got off work we went in. We didn't see my nurse but we saw another nurse who was very comforting and sweet and didn't make us feel bad at all. It took her a few seconds to find it, but we had a heartbeat, thank God! She said it was hard to find bc the baby was moving all over the place. The heart rate was 172. Amanda said a higher heart rate could mean a girl, but Tim thinks I was just stressing out the baby :) Last time was 150 so we'll see on the 29th what it is.

Obviously after that I felt much better and I started to calm down. All of the changes can be so scary, but I'm just going to have faith that everything will be okay and try not to worry!


  1. Obviously, Amanda is a very wise woman, having one of each. I think she's on to something...

  2. i've missed seeing you...but definitely thinking of you!

    1. I know! I hear you've been at Zumba, just not he nights I have!


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