Friday, April 26, 2013

20 under 30 Party + Baby Bump

Last night was the eighth annual 417 Magazine 20 under 30 party and I was an honoree!! I had so many friends and family there to support me, I truly appreciate everyone's support :) It was also the debut of my baby bump. 14 weeks today and I could still hide it if I wanted too, but it was pretty obvious I was pregnant last night. Then we announced it to the crowd when I accepted my award. I got a very big cheer from the crowd when they did! Here are a few snapshots of the evening. Some from 417 and some from my friends' Instagram and Facebook feeds. Thanks for no suing me for stealing :)

Tim sent me a suck-up Edible Arrangement b/c he had a game and couldn't attend

Dad getting a brewsky

Me and Gary (the owner of 417)

Accepting my award on stage

The 2013 class of 20 under 30s

See the bump?


Nicole a co-worker of mine

There is some bump-age in this one too :)

Me and Caitlin
Ron and Terri were there too, but I didn't get a single picture of them. I spotted them in this one. See them and my parents over there on the left under the big red arrow??


  1. Love love the baby bump premiere!!! Congrats friend!!


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