Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ashley's Branson Bachelorette Party

As you know Chris and Ashley are getting married in Vegas (one week from today!) and a lot of family and some friends are getting to go. There are a lot of other girlfriends Ashley wanted to celebrate with that aren't going to Vegas so we booked some rooms at the Hilton in Branson (both of them, on accident) and made an overnight celebration out of it. All of the girls (13 of us total) met in Ozark around 1 pm Saturday, jumped in together and headed down. My car's first stop was to the hotel to see if we could upgrade to a suite, and we could! More on that later. Then we high-tailed it over to the outlets and met up with the rest of the girlies.

We shopped for a few hours then we were all getting a little tired and hungry so we picked up some snacks at Walmart and headed to our rooms. This is when we figured out that the two rooms that Ashley sister had booked were at the Promenade and the room I booked was at the Hilton Convention Center. A little miscommunication, oopsies! They were about a 5 minute walk (if that) between the two, so it really was no big deal. Trina, Kari, Kate and myself were staying in the "suite."  We walked in and to us it looked like a normal room. I called the front desk and they said that we had a balcony room and they constitute that as a suite. They ask what I was expecting and I said a room with the beds and another area with a couch and table. Yet another miscommunication. They almost had me pay $20 to upgrade but they guy couldn't figure out how to let me pay cash so he comped it. Glad I didn't pay for that! I would have wanted my money back for sure! It was nice, don't get me wrong, just not what any of us were expecting.

So once we all got settled into our rooms and changed the girls came over to our room for some cocktails, snacks and presents! We all brought Ashley some lingerie or goodies of some type wrapped and then we were all instructed to bring a pair of panties that represented us, un-wrapped. We did presents first and then the game. For every pair Ashley guessed wrong she had to take a drink or shot of some kind. Let's just say the night got off to a quick start b/c I think she only got a total of three right on the first try. Her second guess was usually the money guess. Ashley is such a kind and sweet person she then went around and told everyone how she knew everyone and why they personally were so special to her. There were a few wet eyes in the house.

Dinner reservations at Cantina Laredo were at 7:30 pm so we booked it over and got there just in time. We had the awesome back room in the back all to ourselves. It was huge and a big square table so everyone could talk to everyone. We had drinks and dinner, and Ashley had a few shots :) Including the flaming coffee drink Chris and Ashley bought for Tim on his 30th birthday. We hit up the Piano Bar around 9 pm, Ashley was on stage by 9:40 and we were out the door headed home by 10 pm. We all joked we'd be lucky to make it until 10 pm since we are so old. Ha! 10 pm it was :)

It was such a nice time and even though all the girls were from all sorts of groups of friends we hit it off. It was a great mix and we had an awesome time!

Jessica and Ashley's bags were in our car and somehow Trina got stuck carrying them and her stuff!

The bar :)

Ashley giving Kari some big-ole' Texas hair

On to the panty game.. so confused!

At Cantina Laredo for dinner!

The whole gang

Drink on fire!

On stage at Piano Bar

Fun on the hallway couch heading back up to the room

Jessica schlepping all of her and Ashley's stuff from our room to their room at the end of the night.

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