Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Zumba Night Out

Now we (attempt) to Zumba three times a week I feel like I'm getting to know my "Zumba girls" a little better. Actually I'm loving it and it's making me feel a lot more connected to the Republic community. Josey had an awesome idea to go out dancing, so we did! Member's Only which is an 80's cover band was playing their first show in Springfield last Friday at Midnight Rodeo. While I wouldn't say we are the biggest "hodeo" fans we knew since there was a concert the crowd would be okay. We had dinner first at El Charro next door and the most fun! We talked (loudly) and enjoyed some cheap drinks. Once we decided to head next door we were lucky and knew someone in line so we didn't have to wait in the line that wrapped around the building. Sorry everyone we cut in front of! It was cold and that line was huge. Inside we danced and danced through the band's first set and then lost a little steam during the break so we left :) Hey, we made it past 11 pm! PS thanks Nancy (not my mom) for driving!I didn't take a ton if pics, but I got a few!


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