Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Super Sawyer

That's right, our Godson just turned one year old! How is that even possible? Kari threw him an ADORABLE party (of course!). "Sawyer the Destroyer" it was themed, based on this wild child's nickname. He is 100% all boy. I took pics, so here are a few, but Kari has a whole write-up, along with tons of cute detail shots of all of the handmade things she put together, on her blog.

Check out Kari's blog post here.

Opening our gift!

Found the jet ski :) It was "water" themed. We got him a fun outdoor water table!!

Birthday boy with mom and dad

Letting me try a little :)

Trying to give The Godfather a taste too

1 comment:

  1. Thanks to you for the awesome photos, Sawyer is so blessed to have the best God Parents ever!!! Love you guys!


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