Sunday, February 24, 2013

Chris and Ashley's Send-off Celebration

Two weeks from today Chris (my bro) is getting married to Ashley in Vegas!! Last night we had a "Send-off Celebration/Couples Shower" for them at Touch Restaurant. They aren't having any sort of reception when they get back so this was a mix and mingle cocktail party with yummy food and sweet treats. It was a time for Chris and Ashley to get to chat with people about their upcoming few weeks. Next weekend is Ashley's in-town bachelorette party. The girls are heading to Branson for some shopping and margaritas at Cantina Laredo, plus an overnight stay at the Hilton. Then the Friday after that, March 8, we are all headed to Vegas for the wedding festivities.

A special thanks to Ashley parents and sisters and my parents for helping with the shower!

See all of the photos here.

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