Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Not bad news, but not the best

I finished my third round of Clomid last week and went in for a Follicle Ultrasound Scan (where they look at my ovaries to see if I have any mature follicles that might have an egg inside) this morning. Basically there are multiple follicles again, which means no trigger shot. That's not horrible b/c last month I ovulated on my own, so that's really okay. Here's where it gets interesting. On my right ovary there is one pretty large follicle, 31x18mm. On my left side I have multiple smaller cysts and one follicle that is at a "mature" size of 20x24mm. 20x24mm is actually the perfect size but with all of the other cysts around it she doesn't think it will produce an egg. She said if the follicle on my right ovary, even though it is a little misshapen, was the only one I had (and none on the left)  then she would think it would have a mature egg but since so much is going on on my left side she's not sure. She really has no way of knowing. She said to continue with timed intercourse this month and I will go back in nine days to test to see if I ovulated.

Basically she said it could happen, so to definitely try but that I need to go to the Reproductive Endocrinologist in KC. She said the Clomid is obviously activating my ovaries to produce, but they aren't producing what they should or how they should. She said in KC they will be able to give me different medicines and tailor them more to my specific situation. And really figure out what that "situation" is. So that's where we are. Fingers crossed that maybe one of those two follicles is hiding a healthy egg inside :)

I did tell her that I sent my paperwork to RRC in KC last week and she said once they process the paperwork and call, you get in pretty quickly. She said one to two weeks usually. Hopefully I will hear from them sometime soon, but I don't think I would set my appointment until around February 18 b/c then I would know for sure if I was or wasn't pregnant from this round.

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