Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Eve

New Years Eve started out a bit scary for our family. It had been snowing all morning Tim was with Thomas heading out to his grandparents house to check trail cameras. They both swear they weren't going too fast but they started to slide on a patch of ice. They were headed for a bridge and eventually went off of the road and rolled the truck on its side. Luckily there was a concrete wall holding the bridge up that stopped them from rolling completely over. Both the boys weren't hurt, thank the Lord!

The boys made the Springfield News Leader the next day

I was going to go in to work for a few hours and then after that I decided I would just stay in with Tim and enjoy the day. That night we met John and Kari at Galloway Station. It was $10 with all you could eat appetizers, awesome party favors and a really fun band. We ended up having an awesome time! Awesome enough that we all got rides home from our parents :) Kari's mom picked them up and my dad picked us up at the end of the night. Love you guys! Kari's phone was dead so we had mine out all night and I was a little picture happy. Enjoy :)

Me and all of my party favors
The boys and their Reverend ties

Bringing back old times the boys "ICED" us

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  1. Love you guys! So glad Tim & Thomas were okay and that we could bring in the New Year with our favorite couple. We are looking forward to 2013 and all our new memories! XOXO


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