Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Home To-Do List 2013

We wrote this blog at the beginning in 2012 too. Here's a recap!
1. Stain the fence
2. Stain the deck DONE!
3. New carpet in the whole house
4. Re-do the office (new desk, new filing cabinet, book shelf, rug maybe, curtains, lounge chair) DONE! (sort of, we didn't get a bookshelf yet, curtains and a rug we decided against)
5. Have a garage sale. This past summer we thought we would have a garage sale too. We packed a ton of things into the attic, so we are pretty ready to go for a sale we just need to set a date. DONE!
6. Potentially dog proof the backyard...
7. Deep clean the blinds at least once
8. Overseed and fertilize the front and back yard DONE!
9. Landscape around the pool and deck DONE!
10. Landscape the front yard. I'd love to add some more color! Maybe take out a bush or two and extend the mulch area around the sidewalk. Part of the way but staying on the list for next year
11. Start a garden!

Here we go with 2013's list:
1. Power-wash and Thompson water seal the fence
2. Deep clean the blinds at least once
3. Landscape the front yard. I'd still love to add some more color! We put a rose bush in last year, but I would like to pull out the two cedars on the outside edges of the house and replace them with something new, with you guessed it, color!
5. Landscape beside our fence in the backyard and plant something to block the neighbors.
6. Purchase or build a bookshelf for the office.

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