Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Birthday Boy

Today marks Tim's 31st birthday! Terri said around 4:35 in the morning. The family (sans Chris, Ashley and Aidan b/c Aidan was sick) met at Pizza House for dinner. My dad was living on the edge and snuck Tim a birthday beer in since it is a non-alcoholic joint. We enjoyed our yummy pizza and laughed and talked then Tim opened his gifts. He got new batteries for his craftsman tools, a new book and his favorite mints from his rents. Money from his Nanny and a new Under Armor fleece from my rents. I usually suck at Tim's birthday but this year I hit it out of the park. The gift started with three new CDs: Kenny Chesney, Eric Church and Eli Young Band. Do you know what he got yet? My mom figured it out. She said "hey they are all... Wait, I know what he's getting!" Concert tickets to see all of those bands in KC June 15! Our friends Thomas and Josey bought tickets too, so the four of us have a little overnight getaway planned. After prezzies we went to Andy's for a little chilly dessert, and I'm not talking about the custard. On our way home we stopped by Chris and Ashley's bc Chris thought Tim could use his gift tonight. And guess what, he is! We are watching our first episode of Duck Dynasty right now :) He also got a little fun money. It was a little more tame than last year but still a perfect little celebration.

Oh, and we are in section 119 on the map for the concert!
Okay, I didn't realize how tiny that little map is. Here is one where you can actually see where 119 is :)


  1. So clever you are, Miss Johnson!!! Happy birthday Tim!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Timmy! I sent him a text but never heard back...BOY CHECK YOUR PHONE :) We are excited for birthday dinner on sunday. Love you guys!


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