Monday, December 24, 2012

Salt Dough Ornaments {THE DECORATING}

Now we decorate! The award went to Tim for best decorating. He's surprised us all! We've decided if teaching and coaching doesn't work out he might be able to paint little manger scenes on tiny grains of rice or something. I think he's been watching a little too much Bob Ross :)

We just used Acrylic Craft Paint in various colors.

We used glue to apply the glitter. Quick note, if you want to add glitter make sure the paint on your ornament is dry first.

We let ours dry over night and then sprayed them with a clear Polyurethane to help keep the colors from fading over the years. Warning, if you've used Sharpies at all, which we did on the stockings, don't apply it too thick or it will run.

If you missed the instructions on how to make the ornaments click here.

Tim left during the making of the ornaments so we surprised him with his vary own target ornament. Looks like you missed honey?!

Ready to decorate!


Chris getting in on the glitter action

Dad was a little messy with the glue

Aidan was a little messy with the paint

I had glitter EVERYWHERE

Tim's finished ornaments!

My finished ornaments

Had to make some for the boys :)

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