Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Me and the OV Watch have broken up...again

A new cycle provided the chance to try out the OV Watch once again. If you recall last month on day 7 it told me it hadn't been taking readings therefore I had no choice but to take the watch off and wait until the next month. Well lesson learned and I made it to day 9 this time! That exclamation mark was to show sarcasm. Nine days is not long enough to track my ovulation. Luckily I know why the watch didn't work this time. I put it in "test mode" every night to make sure it was reading correctly (unlike last time). That seemed to be working and few times I didn't have the watch on just right, so I able to correct it. No, this time it was definite user error. There is a little sensor on the back side of the watch that takes the readings. It snaps on and off to be changed out each month or for the occasional cleaning during your cycle. Yesterday morning when I took the watch off the sensor popped off with the back. I had this feeling it was done at that point. BUT I thought, well you can take it off and on so let me pop the sensor back on the watch and see. Well the piece that holds it on to the watch had broken so it wouldn't stay in place. I gave it a try last night thinking if I had the watch on tight enough it could read luck. So the watch has won again.Watch 2, Me 0.

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