Monday, December 10, 2012

I got the Trigger Shot

This morning at my appointment I had one mature follicle (yay!!) so I got what they call a "trigger shot." They call it that b/c it will trigger my ovulation causing me to ovulate within the next 36 hours. The trigger shot is actually called Profasi, but is made up of the HCG Hormone. When you naturally ovulate you have what is called an LH Surge. It is made up of the HCG Hormone and tells the follicles inside of your ovaries it is time to release the mature egg. Since we know we have a mature egg from the scans this morning it was time to get the shot. Well two shots actually, one in both hips. It didn't hurt much at all, just a little sting. I am super sleepy now though, which is a side effect, I googled it. As my boss Logan said, "Well at least you know it's working!" Very true.

So for this cycle the testing and taking medicine is complete. Now we just wait and hope things are coming together like they should :)

One good thing about all of this, even if I don't get pregnant this month, is that 50mg of Clomid DID work for me. It helped me produce a healthy egg. That was it's purpose. So even if I am not pregnant I will not have to up that dosage. My doctor said that is a great thing b/c one of the side effects if you take 100-150mg of Clomid is that your uterine lining (official term: endometrium) can thin. That needs to be good and thick b/c that is what grabs on to the egg as it is released during ovulation. She said if you take more and have a big, fat healthy egg barreling through that a thin lining would never catch it. So 50mg going forward is great news. And they did check my lining this morning and it looks perfect. So another good sign things are moving in the right direction!

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