Monday, December 3, 2012

Gage William Henderson

Four weeks ago (today actually) Gage was born! About three weeks ago Tim and I took Brian and Katie over some dinner so we could meet the little guy. There were two main highlights. One was Tim finally agreeing to holding Gage. He had never held a baby that small I don't think. He was a 6-pounder and all of our friends' kids and nieces and nephews have been 8-10 lbs. Plus he wasn't all baby burritoed. Then when Tim was holding him he got fussy and so Katie popped a bottle in his mouth. Tim was a bit nervous a first bc he'd never given a baby a bottle before but he relaxed and gave him the whole thing! I helped with the burping :)


  1. ah what a little sweetie! Love that up-close picture.

  2. There is just something about a man and a boppy. :)


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