Wednesday, December 12, 2012

First Annual Cabin Christmas

Tim has wanted to have "Christmas at the Cabin" since before he even had a cabin. This idea started about a year ago while we were thinking about the holidays and how fun it would be. Logistically having actual Christmas at the Cabin would be a nightmare trying to haul the insane amount of gifts up there so we decide to celebrate a few weeks early. It was nice b/c the weather up to this point has not been very "Christmasy" so it was fun to get in the spirit. We strung cheerios, cranberries and Fruitloops on yarn for the tree that we went into the woods and one cut down. We ate chili for lunch and exchanged a few small gifts. We gave Ron and Terri their actual Christmas gift early b/c it was the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Extended Edition!) and we thought they might want to watch them before The Hobbit comes out in theaters this Friday. Kristin got all of the guys this awesome hunting devotional and me a new cookbook! We also threw Nanny a little jewelry shower b/c a few weeks ago her house got broken into and all of her costume jewelry got stolen. She was so surprised! The boys hunted in the evening and we all munched on Honey-Baked Ham for dinner. The boys stayed the night and the girls headed back to Springfield. We had the best time talking about the years to come and how many fun memories we are planning to create at our Cabin Christmases over the years!

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  1. Megan, I loved this post! So much!!!! That is so awesome you guys did this!!! It makes me smile!! What fun memories.


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