Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve at our house

Tim's extended family usually has their Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve, but this year we celebrated on Christmas Eve Eve so Christmas Eve was open! Tim and I decided to have both of our families over for some Holiday Minute-to-Win-it games, soup and some prezzies. It was casual and relaxing and a nice way to kick off the holiday!

Aidan practticing on his new pogo stick. Scared me to death. Chairs, a pool, ledges, ah!

We had the new fire pit going

More successful pogo-ing

Chris and Ashley

Our tree :)
Let the games begin!!! It was a little competiion between the Gregory's and the Johnson's. To make it even I went to the Gregory team.

GAME 1: Jingle In The Trunk
Each tissue box had 13 jingle bells in it and you had to bounce, bend, jump and shake to get all 13 out in less than a minute.

Game 2: Reindeer Nose Dive
Contestants must swing the red ball on the string up and stick it to their petroleum jelly covered nose.

Game 3: Christmas Ball
Contestants must use a wrapped Christmas present to fan an ornament into a predetermined area. I was the only successful contestant at this game!

Game 4: Christmas Wreath Toss
Contestants must throw 10 marshmallows into a wreath covered bucket.

Group photo time!!

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