Friday, November 9, 2012

Yesterday and today I am thankful for my new love of reading books...and Twilight

You might be thinking "Twilight, really?!" but hear me out. These two things are really one in the same. See years ago Amanda Brooker was hounding me to read this book series called Twilight. I said what I usually said "I don't read" and moved on. The first movie was out in theaters and there was quite a bit of buzz but I still didn't jump on board. Then that summer, I was looking for a movie to watch and Twilight was out to rent, so I rented it. Well, I loved it. I was instantly into the characters too, and I knew all I had to do to know their whole story was to read the books. So I called Amanda and had her fork them over. Even though I had seen the movie Amanda encouraged me to go ahead and read the first book b/c there was so much detail the movie had left out. So I did. It took me a while to get through it, maybe two or three weeks. Then a few weeks went by and I started the second book. That's when I got hooked (and realized I wasn't so bad a reading after all). I read that book in about a week. Then the third and fourth books (which are 500+ pages) seriously in two and three days each.

For the longest time I thought maybe it was just Twilight that I enjoyed reading, and I honestly re-read the series for a second time before I ventured out to a new series, but I did eventually.

And this year alone I have read 14 books!
I started with the The Hunger Games trilogy
They got into the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy
And now I am on the ninth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series

Go me! Once I let go of the fact that I might not be the fastest reader I really enjoyed reading and getting caught up into the stories It gives me a break from the craziness of my life and allows me to put it aside for a few minutes (or hours) and relax.

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