Sunday, November 18, 2012

30 Days of Thanks {Days 15-18}

Whoopsie, I've missed a few days...

Day 15 I am thankful for letting myself say NO. It is something that I am learning to do. I over commit and I just can't do it all. For example, I knew I needed to write these blogs, but I didn't make myself stay up late or stress about the fact I was missing a day a few days. I just let it be and focused on what I wanted to do.

Day 16 I am thankful for Christmas music. No matter what mood I'm in it instantly cheers me up! Well not all songs, but almost everything that plays on my awesome Pandora station :) We listened to is the whole ride home from KC. Want to listen to it too? Check it out:

Day 17 I am thankful for our annual girls trip to KC. It is always such a great time full of fun memories. It is such a fun weekend, I look forward to it all year long. Usually Kristin joins us, and now hopefully Ashley too, so I am not thankful they couldn't join us this year :( We missed you girls, but we devoured the Chocolate Bag just fine!

Day 18 I am so thankful that I get along so well with my mom and my mother-in-law (and they get along with each other) that we can spend a whole weekend together shopping, eating and gabbing. Some people's families can't event tolerate each other for holidays. They definitely wouldn't plan a yearly out-of-town trip together! We are so blessed.

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