Friday, October 19, 2012

Saturday Fun

This past weekend was pretty eventful! Tim was at the cabin for the Gregory/Johnson hunting trip so the girls had some fun.

So Ashley's a runner. Like she has run a marathon kind of runner. She is in training for a half marathon right now (which is tomorrow, good luck!) so I thought it was a bit crazy to ask her to run a measly 5K with me. It was the first one I'd ever run! I kept myself motivated by saying it was "market research" for Pitter Pat, which I am in charge of again this year. I told Ashley upfront that I knew I could run one mile for sure, but after that I wasn't to sure. She said no big deal and she would stick with me, even if I did have to walk. To my surprise I ran the whole thing! No stopping!! We ran it in 36 minutes, about a 12 minute mile. Ashley said I didn't slow her down too much :)

After the Sunshine Run we divided for a few hours and then met back up for Lost and Found's Game Day event. Lost and Found Grief Center is an organization I feel really strongly for. Their mission is to provides grief support services, at no charge, in a safe and supportive environment for children, young adults, and their families grieving the death of a loved one. This organization helped my boss Logan and her family (especially their daughter Lucy) deal with the death of Stella. Logan is on the Young Ambassadors Committee, along with Kari and Trina, so supporting this great cause was a no brainer. Basically it was a big watch party for the MIZZOU vs. Alabama game. There were raffles, where I won a $25 Amazon gift card and this fun "Squares" game where I won five t-shirts, $25 to Jellybeans, $25 to Askinosie Chocolate, and MIZZOU sticker and two tickets to a MIZZOU soccer game. Not sure I will get to the soccer game, but the rest of the stuff is awesome.

During the game there was a bit of a rain delay to Josey, Ashley and I hopped over to Hollywood and saw the movie Pitch Perfect. When I originally saw the previews I didn't think I would care to see it, but after Dylan (yes a dude) from my work said it was hilarious it sparked my interest. It ended up being great! Seriously laugh out loud funny. I would definitely see it again. I put a few clips below :)

After the movie Ashley and I went back to Game Day to catch the end of the game and then Trina joined us at Kai for a little sushi. Want to try a new roll next time you are there? Go for the Salmon Salsa Roll. Yummy to my tummy.

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