Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Marquee Suites

The Marquee Suites is located at the B&B Theater in Ozark. Chris and Ashley had gone before and said it was so awesome, but Tim and I had been to a movie there and didn't think it was anything special. Well, come to find out the B&B and the Marquee Suites are actually not the same thing! The Marquee Suites is something special. See Tim? See how he is reclined, has a tray table and a beer? Yes, this is in the movie theater! Everyone sits in a big leather recliner. You also have a little light-up button so if you need anything before or during the movie you just click it on and over comes a waitress to help you out. You can get basic movie munchies like popcorn and candy, but they have a full dinner menu too, think burgers, nachos, pizza, wraps, etc. I would suggest purchasing tickets ahead of time–the boys bought them the day of the movie and as you can see we were on the first row. Even on the front row it is definitely worth trying it out!!

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