Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I get knocked down

Do I really have to keep getting back up again? Just when I had settled into our "plan" for the next month and shared it with the blogosphere things have changed again. As I mentioned from my blog on Sunday I have been wearing the OV-Watch nightly to help pinpoint my ovulation. Well, looks like I either wasn't wearing it right or something was wrong with it because last night it said "NO DATA" on the screen. NO DATA means that for some reason the watch hasn't taken at least one reading in the past two days. Like I said I don't know what happened because I've worn the damn thing every night. I read the manual and it said the only thing to do if you get the "NO DATA" screen is to wait until your next cycle. (You have to start wearing it within the first three days of your cycle and I'm on day eight.) I really just want to scream and cuss down this whole post. The one thing I thought I could do to give myself some relief and guidance has now been taken away from me. We'll figure it out, but man, add one more thing to the list.


  1. CRAP!!!!!!! :( Sorry, the only other thing I wanted to say was inappropriate for blog commenting. Sorry, friend!

  2. Are you kidding?!?! That makes me so mad too. Sorry it is messed up, I wonder why it would do that?


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