Monday, October 8, 2012

2nd Annual Appelquist Foundation Golf Tournament

The timing of everything has been a bit bizarre. This year's golf tournament, as you know, ended up being a memorial tournament for Trina's dad. Just three short years ago we formed the Appelquist Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to help veterans in our area suffering with Alzheimer's. The money from last years tourney, and this as well, will go straight to Train's family. We are hoping in the future we will give back to others in the area.

Beer cart girls!

Chris and my dad in the front, Tim and his dad in the back.

Me and Mel hanging off the back of the golf cart

Sam, Mel's husband, check out his belt ornament :)

Mel's turn to try

A shot of vodka?

Well sure. It was no the best idea. Pretty stout.

Mel's taking another turn

Mel and Heather

Driving through the tunnel

Me and Sawyer

I took Trina's niece and nephew out for a spin. It has become a tradition!

Andrew heading into the tunnel under the highway


Chris won a raffle prize

So did dad!

Sawyer had a lot of excitement, taking a little nap on his Godmomma


  1. These pictures made me laugh out loud, especially of Mel's talented golfing skills!! Great Day!!!

  2. What an awesome day! Thanks for all you do! My family and I are so blessed! :). LOVE YOU!
    (ps...I'll have to show stephanie the pics of Andrew and Katelyn! Hahaha)


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