Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weekend Trip to KC

This past weekend we hit the road with the Brooker's and spent Saturday and Sunday hanging out in Kansas City. We stayed with Brooke and Dave Jenkins, Tim and Adam graduated with Dave from good 'ole GHS. Once we arrived we picked Dave up and headed down to the Country Club Plaaaaza. Apparently I say that word really funny and drag it out in conversation so it became a bit of a running joke all weekend. Anyway, we went to the Plaaaza (tehe) and had lunch at this amazing, locally-owned Gastro pub called Gram&Dun. The weather was in the 70's so the restaurant had all of the big garage door windows open and even though we sat in the restaurant we were enjoying the weather. We got a little nervous when we checked out the food menu b/c it seemed a little froufrou and we were afraid the portions would be tiny, but man were we wrong. The boys all had the burger and they all proclaimed it to be one of the best they had had. It had chicken friend bacon on it! Amanda and I both ordered off of the brunch menu. I went out on a limb (I'm being so adventurous in eating aren't I?!) and had the Carne Asada Frites flank steak, queso fresco, fried eggs, salsa verde. It. Was. The. Best. I want it again, right now.
Doesn't Dave's hair look a bit like Jimmy Neutron?!?!

After lunch Amanda and I did a bit of shopping and then we all headed over to the Boulevard Brewery for a 4p tour. Brooke had to go to a funeral so Dave's buddy Joel attended in her place. The tour was about an hour and then we had about an hour in the tasting room. I have a new found love for the Boulevard Wheat, Tim really liked the Bully Porter. For dinner we ate at SPIN! Pizza and enjoyed the weather again while sitting on the patio. None of us were in the mood to "go out" so we ran by M&S Grill and got two Chocolate Bags and headed back home. Amanda thought I was crazy to only get two desserts for all size of us so she insisted on getting a few other items. Once we started to dig in she soon realized that they are huge and there is enough to go around. A "brown paper bag" made out of chocolate? Yes please!

Sunday we got up fairly early, which was easy since we were all in bed by 11p :) and went to breakfast at Urban Table, one of three restaurants owned by the Gram&Dun peeps. Again, the atmosphere was to-die for. I would live there if I could. Seriously. I had the Daybreaker (egg white omelette with roasted turkey breast, spinach, tomato avocado salsa) and Tim had La Breakfast (scramble eggs, bacon, fontina, truffled mayo toasted, french country bread). Both of us were happy with our picks! We headed to The Legends outlet mall for a quick breeze through the shops and then headed back home. Great little impromptu weekend getaway before Tim starts school.

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