Thursday, July 12, 2012

{Vacation Day Six} Repeat Offenders

So we might have gotten into a bit of a routine on vacation.
Breakfast, beach, lunch on beach, beach some more, get ready, happy hour, shopping, dinner.
Not always in that order, but in that order today. We enjoyed lounging for our last day and getting to chat with some of the great people we met. That was on of our favorite parts of vacation, the happy hour. And not because we got free drinks for an hour. That was nice. But that is also when all of the guests came together in a social environment and you got to meet some interesting folks. We met a couple from Westin, Mo., STL, Nashville, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Alabama, Pensacola and more. Believe me, Tim wearing a MIZZOU shirt helped us break the ice with lots of people. They all knew we joined the SEC and knew when and where we were playing there team this season. Tim was like, "I am taking this shirt off!" Of course I wanted him to leave it on b/c I welcomed the new friends :) We needed John with us to talk about it. We just smiled and nodded and agreed we might have a bit of an adjustment in the new league. Beyond that Time and I are pretty clueless.
Huge blackberries at breakfast
The restaurant. You could eat here for breakfast but we always chose to eat outside. They set up all of the goodies over on the right. At dinner it turns into the 5-Star Beach Walk Cafe.
Where we always ate
Final happy hour treat

View from HH
To the left
To the right

We went to the Destin Commons for a little while. It is exactly like the Branson Landing. Bass Pro and all. They had some main stream stores and a few local boutiques as well. It has always been a must visit for me, but after this year I don't know if it is worth the stop. If you just want to walk around and kill some time, then great, but a few of the little local bars we liked to eat and grab a drink had all been replaced with chain bars. I got a cute dress for my reunion, so it wasn't a total bust!

After the Destin Commons we drove down the this store called Old Time Pottery. We found it last time we were there and it was a HUGE warehouse of home decor items. I mean HUGE. If you need glassware or bar-ware you are in luck. We went b/c last time they had aisles and aisles of fiestaware. They didn't this time so we just browsed for a bit and headed back to our place for dinner.

We decided to walk again. We had been hearing rave reviews about this place called Camille's that was just 0.2 miles from the Henderson Park Inn. So we parked the truck and headed down the road. When we got there we looked over the menu and decided it wasn't for us. It was our last meal and we wanted to make it count! So we decided to walk 0.8 more miles to The Crab Trap. Yes, again. We were both so impressed with our meals the first time we decided to go again. We checked in at the hostess stand and the lady said they weren't seating anyone right now, that half of the power had gone out and in the building and there were too many people waiting already to add new names to the list. This was pretty comical b/c we had just walked one mile and were getting a bit cranky. So we decided if we were going to leave we wanted to get a beer first. We went to the outdoor bar and they had no power. Rats. Thankfully the inside bar had power, so we grabbed a few drinks and grabbed a spot at the beach bar. We didn't need lights to enjoy a cold one. After we cooled down we decided we would grab another beer and check on the status at the hostess stand. Either way we figured we needed a beer: 1. to walk home with (on the beach, it's legal) 2. to wait for a table. It was our lucky day b/c we scored with number two! She put us on the list. She said she didn't know how long it would be b/c half of the restaurant was still without power, but most of the people that had been waiting either left or got seated, so we were in luck. We hadn't even gotten back outside to our seats when our buzzer signaled us it was time for dinner. Tim got the same thing as our first trip, Bronzed Mahi Mahi with crab and shrimp in a lemon butter sauce. I went with fried shrimp and crab cakes and they were both great! It was worth the walk and the wait :)
We walked down Old Hwy 98 and they have all these cute, colorful houses.

We made it! The view was so pretty, who could be irritated!

Antsy yes. Irritated, no.

We thought this cloud looked so neat. Just the very tip top was still high enough to catch a bit of the setting sun's rays.

After dinner we decided to walk home down the beach. When we got back our friends Ann and Ab Shafer were having a Espresso Martini at the Tiki Bar and ask us to join them. So we did! A little impromptu, but they were very friendly and it was a nice way to enjoy our last few hours of vacation.

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  1. Your pictures turned out great, so glad you guys had a nice vacation. Looks like a beautiful place to stay!


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