Tuesday, July 10, 2012

{Vacation Day Four} Relaxation Station

Today was a pretty chill day which was nice since we had been pretty adventurous and on the move the past few days. This morning we enjoyed our first breakfast at the Inn. It was ah-mazing. Like, seriously amazing. There were so many options, fruit, granola, bagels, muffins, biscuits, gravy, sausage, bacon, waffles, omelets, ham, potatoes. Probably even more then I remembering. Anyway, it was yummy. Then we headed out to the beach for the rest of the morning and into the afternoon. Each night by 8 pm (which we have now missed our deadline both nights) we order our lunch for the next day. We weren't sure what to expect but they were little box lunches from Honey Baked Ham. Knowing that, for  tomorrow Tim ordered the ham sandwich :) We ate on the beach and continued to lay out until around 3 pm and got ready to hit happy hour from 4-5 pm.

Omelet bar and my many plates of breakfast food
Let's compare. We realized that Tim likes to eat his food one plate at the time. Notice the plate on the left is gone, plate in the middle is being eaten and the plate on the right has yet to be touched. Well my strategy is a bit different. Every plate of mine has been eaten on. I like to jump back and forth from plate to plate, item to item. Just a funny little difference.

The second we got sat down we busted out the rum punch my bro sent down with us.


View from our beach chairs
That's our room on the second floor  ^^^^^^

Tiki Hut where we have happy hour

They always bring out one little appetizer bit for us. Today was crab stuffed mushrooms.

We tried to use the timer and it took about 10 pics but they weren't very good. This one was a pretty good one, but animated they are GREAT. Here's one below. I will do another one later.

The front of the Inn

After HH we did a little outlet mall shopping. Tim found two shirts but that was the only damage we did. We ended up stopping at The Crab Trap and thought we would stop for dinner if it didn't look to busy. Lucky for us we got a parking spot upfront so decided that was a sign we should eat there. We put our name on the list, they said it would be about 15-25 minutes and headed to the outdoor bar. We grabbed a spot at the bar, got a beer and then our buzzer went off. Not long at all, just like last night, actually. We had told them we would just take the first available and somehow we got a spot right on the beach. Perfect seats. 

I remember LOVING the crab dip from our last trip. I honestly had been thinking about it and that's why we wanted to go there. I wasn't paying much attention to the menu so when it came out I was a bit surprised. Hm.. It was hot and served with pita bread. Not quite what I remembered. I was thinking it was cold and served with crackers. I had to get to the bottom of it so I asked our waitress if they had any cold crab dip on the menu, no, no crab she said. But she did have a tuna dip that was served with crackers. I didn't at the time, but on her next trip around I had to get it! That is what I came for. Oh and I didn't mention we had gotten mozzarella cheese sticks too, so now we were sitting with three apps in front of us. 

For dinner I ordered the crab legs, which I remember my mom loving from last time. I actually have never ordered crab legs, so that was a first for me. Tim took the plunge on a first to and ordered totally out of his comfort zone. Bronzed mahi-mahi topped with fresh crab and shrimp.  See below to see if his ordering paid off.

He's not mad, just making a silly face at the outdoor bar at The Crab Trap

At our beach side table

Tim got a little photographer crazy and took a few shots. This one made me laugh

The great dip debate of 2012. Crab in front, tuna in back. The tuna won!! For me :)

First bite, an I going to like it?

Well let me chew...

Well, I think I'll have another

I approve!!!!!!!!! It paid off. He loved his dinner.

My meal

Row of tables where we sat

Looking at The Crab Trap from the beach


  1. I wish I were there too!!! Looks like you're having a blast!!!


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