Wednesday, July 11, 2012

{Vacation Day Five} I thought we left tornado alley?

Today was a great day at the beach. This morning we hit up breakfast again then did a little antique shopping b/c it looked a little rainy on the beach. We were back with butts in our beach chairs by noon. We stayed on the beach until happy hour at 4 p.m.

During happy hour there was a storm off shore that we all had our eye on. All of the sudden it dropped down a water spout! Tim and I had never seen one before! He ran up to the room to get the camera. When the first one ended, a second popped down. Tim has been watching Storm Chasers so he was beyond pumped.

So excited and texting everyone!

After our own storm chasing we took a nap, got ready, then headed down to the Harborwalk Village for dinner. We decided to try our Harry T's, not Willy T's which was the pirate ship in Tortola. I've been mixing them up all week. We got a seat outside right on the boardwalk. Tim and I were stunned b/c right next to us there was a sign that clearly stated "Fishing Prohibited off Boardwalk." And what did we see? Two dads and their kids FISHING! One of the dads even tried to take the sign down with his pocket knife. Setting a really great example there daddy-o.

Dinner wasn't super great. I got Sesame Ahi Tuna, and it was good but probably not worth going back for. Tim had the Fish & Chips and said they were just fine. It was a fun atmosphere but I don't think we will be adding it to our "must visit" list for the future.

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