Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sawyer's Baptism

This was the first time I think I've been to a baptism, and I was on stage promising to guide and shape a little man's life. Sawyer, our Godson, to be exact. Being a godparent, as Pastor Sippy said, can be so many things. I am putting these in my own words. To help guide him when we needs guiding. To listen when he needs to talk (when we can talk), and speak for him when he can't. To influence him. To protect him. To love him. To lift him up. To show him the way to Jesus. To help him make his own choices. To teach him to believe. To be a friend. To be a protector. To be a guide in his life, and not just the spiritual one. To motivate him. To be there. Be present in his life.

We are ready for that. Just like we are ready for those things for our own child someday, we know we can do that for Sawyer. That we will make sure we has a safe path in this world. We are so blessed and honored to be such a huge part of this day and of his life.

Check out even more photos and details at Kari's blog.
Mom, dad and Sawyer


  1. Yes, I was stalking your page (searched Sawyer for the Label) and re-read what you wrote for Sawyer's Baptism...it just brought tears to my eyes. Such a great post and reminder of how special you are to us! Love you guys!


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