Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Movies + Moving

Last weekend was a pretty eventful weekend. Friday Kari and I dined at Kai and tried two new yummy yummy rolls. The Haruno Roll and another, but we can't remember the name. I wish we could, but both liked it the best! Then Trina met us and we went to see Magic Mike. Yes, the male stripper movie. The movie itself was pretty terrible actually, but the dancing was pretty hilarious and worth going to see with your girlfriends. The three of us may or may not have visited a similar place for Kari's bachelorette party and that made us giggle. I honestly think that it may have been based on the actually club we went to. So many similarities. Anyway.... besides Julie and Adam's wedding on Saturday it was also moving day for my girlfriend Trina. I rallied the troops and we got her whole apartment (pretty much) loaded into a POD. It didn't look super big, but everything fit miraculously.

Yes, we did sneak in a few mini bottles of alcohol. Yum! Well, mine was yum! I put vodka in a cherry icy. Kari put rum in Coke Zero and it tasted like you were taking a shot with each drink. Not the best combo.

The moving crew. Thanks everyone!!!

Trina with her loaded up POD

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