Sunday, July 1, 2012

Destin here we come

In one week from now we will be standing on the white, sandy beaches on the Destin shore and I couldn't be more excited. A couple we know just got back and they had never been so I shared with her some of our favorite little spots. I thought I would share it here too :)
Ignore the "YOU!" That was for our friends :) Tim and I are on the Old '98 section toward the left.

I just marked a few things on the map so I could give suggestions by area.

Silver Sands Outlet Mall - HUGE, all of the good stores.
Right by there, there is a place called Smith's Antiques. Kind of expensive but they had some awesome stuff!

Destin Commons
Destin Commons - JUST like the Branson Landing, really fun to walk around, shop and grab a drink on one of the patios. There is a restaurant I can't remember the name of, it is on the "right side" of the shopping complex. I feel like it was on a corner. I have no idea what the name was but we had an fun time at the bar there.

Old '98
Fun, less busy area of the beach
Crab Trap - ONE OF OUR FAVORITES!! We just found this on our last trip. You have to go. It looks like a huge, white plantation home with a big red roof, right on the beach. They have an awesome little bar on the back patio so make sure and go back there while you are waiting for a table. Get the crab dip, it is great. The crab legs were awesome too.
Pompano Joe's - we used to go there and haven't had great experiences the last few times, but that is a must for my friend Josey and her family.
Whales Tale - is a fun little beach bar to hang out at during the day. It was next door to the condo we stayed at last year.
Captain Dave's - this is a fancy restaurant that we've always, always gone too. Last time we were all kind of disappointed. Might have been a fluke, you're call. If you go and like it let me know!

Main drag
The Backporch - ANOTHER FAVORITE!!! You drop off of the main hwy on a side road and go inbetween a couple of big hotels (the holiday inn maybe). It is on the beach, all bright colors and the windows all open up. Right on the beach. The nachos are yummy, as are the margs
There are fun putt-putt places on the main hwy.
Gilligan's is on the main drag but looks over the harbor. Casual and picnic tables. We got fish and chips and fried shrimp I think and it was good and cheap.
Somewhere on the main drag, towered the left on the map (I really have NO idea how far) there are some little, local retail shops that are cute. if you are driving to the west there is a BIG store on the right that is kind of like a World Market type store. I don't know the name but we went in last time and I got tons of home stuff. platters, bowls, etc. They had decorations too.
There is nightclub by Fudpucker's. We didn't go b/c we didn't want to stay up that late but there is one, if you are interested.

There is a new fancy hotel at the end (west) of the harbor, they have put in lot's of little shops and restaurants that we didn't get to explore last time. Would be good to check out.
AJ's is just "bar food" but at night they have live music a lot.
Fisherman's Warf we've eaten lunch there a few times. I bet it would be good for dinner, It's nice, kind of expensive though.

McGuire's Pub - ANOTHER FAV - kiss the moose! Awesome steak. They let you write on and staple money to the ceiling and walls. Even if you don't eat there go up for a drink. There is a bar and it is open air upstairs and looks out over the bay. Sometimes have live music too. Warning, the bathrooms can be tricky

Do have some favs that are worth sharing? Post them here in the comments. We are always open to new suggestions!

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