Monday, June 11, 2012

New Backyard Trellis

My dad is pretty great. He saw these awesome trellis's at one of the greenhouses and knew he could make it for cheaper than the $290 they were selling them for. He planned to make one for my mom and in the mean time heard Tim and I talking about buying these lame-o one's at Lowe's. So what did he do? Built two for us too!! They are awesome and make our deck great!! Thanks Dad, we love them!

Making sure I like the placement before we start digging

Our house tends to be a bit windy so my dad buried them in the ground and secured them to the deck with a massive bolt. Those babies aren't going anywhere.

And they are level. BOOM.

Securing the second one

Just thought I would throw in a pic of how great our plants around the pool are doing!

They even look good from the back. No eye sore's for our neighbors.
Wyatt helping out
It's a bit of an optical illusion. From here, not so much. but when you stand back the left one appears higher than the right one. We stuck a level up there and nope, they are the exact same height.

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