Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Memorial Day Shenanigans

Prior to Easton's arrival we went up to Kristin and Casey's to help get few things finished up and just chill out before he arrived. Here are a few photos of our fun.

The boys doing a little fishing

Ryaln being her adorable, only child, self

We updated the nursery to be a little boy nursery instead of a little girl nursery. All of the grey, brown and orange was originally different shades of pink.

This is the spot formally known as The Regency in downtown Columbia. It was sad to see it gone b/c this is where we always stay with John and Kari when we go up for MU Homecoming. Apparently they are building a DoubleTree by Hilton, which will be amazingly awesome but A. not ready for 2012 homecoming and B. more expensive I am sure. Big fat BOO all around on that one.

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