Monday, June 18, 2012

The Celebrating of Father's Day 2012

Like I said, lot's of celebrating too :) The sons and dads headed out on their yearly golf excursion around 8 a.m. The ladies (and Casey and Easton) came over around noon and all swam and ate some linner (you know, lunch/dinner?!) and enjoyed the company. Like usual more photos than I could post. Click here to check out all of them.

Pool fun!
Going to get brave and jump in by herself

The dads and might I add winners of the 4th annual Golf Fiasco (with their custom designed shirts for the occasion)

Note, feet out.

Not sure who this guy is about to get me, so feet up.

Yep. officially scare. Feet in.

Sweet moves

Yes, I am standing in the pool with my dad's fancy camera. I was holding on tight :)

Come on dad, share with us!

Sleepy time. See Tim back there?

Aidan swimming Rylan around

Se the ball, Aidan's going for it

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