Friday, May 11, 2012

Craft Night

Us ladies are partial to a good ole' craft night. Trina, Kari and I went in together for a gift for Melanie and Sam Blair's baby shower but decided we wanted to make them some personalized onesies as well. So the girls came over and we indulged in pasta and crafts. The onesie go a lot faster when I have a entourage to help out! Good work ladies :)
Yes, the Blairs are having twins. A for Avery and J for Jackson.

Sawyer was our chaperon, he had final approval.

Auntie Trina

Silly face.

Yummy snack :)

Tie for Jackson and Lips on the front and 4-leaf Clover on the bootie for Avery. They are Irish, so we thought it had a kind of "Kiss me I'm Irish" feel.

This picture is actually of Tim and Sawyer at the shower that weekend.

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